Research Assistant

1. Music therapy for dental anxiety: A narrative review. 2019.

Assisted with the extraction of papers from a wide range of databases for a narrative review exploring the effects of music therapy on dental anxiety. Dr. Richard Fitzgerald (QMUL), Dr. Catherine Carr (QMUL), Sharan Sidhu (QMUL).

2. Permanency of L1 attrition of multiple linguistic domains in returning Albanian migrants from the UK and the USA. 2018.

Conducted statistical analyses on perception data among Albanian retournes from the UK and USA to examine the effects of L1 attrition.

Esther de Leeuw (QMUL) and Professor Enkelejda Kapia (LMU Munich)

2. The effect of intervention material on children’s recall of oral health messages. 2015.

Designed and executed focus groups with children aged 5-6 to understand the extent to which they recalled dental messages from storybooks. The data was qualitatively analysed to investigate what information was memorised, and explore patterns in recall of messages.  

Professor Cynthia Pine (QMUL) and Harvard University.

3. Social class and phonetic change in the Southeast. 2015.

Analysed data from the reality shows Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex to examine the sociophonetic profile of /s/, as well as changes in the London vowel system. Erez Levon (QMUL) and Sophie Holmes-Elliot (University of Southampton).

4. An analysis of ‘still’ as a new discourse marker in Multicultural London English. 2013.

Coded and analysed interviews from the Linguistics Innovator Project to understand the use of "still" in MLE as a clause-final discourse marker. Professor Jenny Cheshire (QMUL).


2016 - 2018

LIN 6204 Language and Health Communication  - Course designer and lecturer        


LIN 405 Language in the UK - Assignments and marking

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